Sunday, September 23, 2012

September Progress

We've shared the start of a lot of projects, but don't really have any after photos yet. Our big project this summer was supposed to be the front of the house. We had a bunch of ideas on how we wanted to add a little curb appeal. We started by removing the bushes in the front of the house, painting the shutters black, and adding a new mailbox. We also took down our awning and had some plans to spruce it up. Then we had an issue with unwanted guests that completely threw off our plan. This is where we're at now:

After having an issue with some unwanted guests getting into the house, we had to pay for a pest expert to come in and deal with the issue. After a few visits, we learned that the wood under our door had rotted. This turned into us looking into contractors to replace the door frame and install a new entry door and screen door. Part of the issue is that the step in front of the entry door is at an angle, so when it rains the water goes right under the door and caused all of the rotting around the frame. This turned into removing the step. This then turned into removing our walk way (most people in our neighborhood have walkways going to their driveways not to the sidewalk, we always wished ours did and since we were paying for the tools to remove the stair, it seemed like a good idea to actually do this project). This then turned into re-seeding the lawn. This then turned installing a new mailbox  so the mailman can actually deliver it.

After all of this domino effect, we're in the middle of a lot of projects. We have to add new bushes and a walk way, choose two new doors and have them installed, choose a new step material and walkway, finish painting the awning and put it back up.

I usually like to do one project at a time, but my dad had some free time and offered to help with everything, so we took him up on his generous offer. He's really great at this stuff. So even though it's a little stressful getting everything done at once, it really made sense for us to do things this way.

He's also given us a big push to get things done. Since he's helping, we've gotten a little more proactive. This weekend was pretty much a research filled weekend. Last week we had a contractor measure the door and got a few quotes for installation. We then pulled the trigger and picked doors and placed the order (which happened to go on sale this weekend and we saved 15%!). The doors weren't in stock, so we have three weeks to figure out the rest.

The day we ordered the door, we also went on a few trips to research materials, bushes and look at houses in our neighborhood to get an idea of what we like. When we first started looking we only went to the big name stores, but my dad spent Saturday morning with us showing us way more options at local places that only allow contractors to go. He has a contractor card, so we were able to see way more choices.
We have finally a plan in place, so we're feeling even better about the progress. Over the next few weeks we're hoping to check off these items:

1. Research entry configurations. Decide on step and walkway materials.
2. Grass maintenance- fill in grass where old walkway was.
3.Install entry door and screen doors.
4. Install front step.
5. Install walk way.
6. Put awning back up.
7. Choose bushes (which probably won't go in until the Spring).
8. Add flowers to accent bushes.

We're hoping to get everything checked off this list by Halloween, except of course the bushes and flowers. While we don't have anything completed, it feels like we're finally making progress!

Are you working on any big home plans? Have you ever had a project that dominoed into multiple mini projects?


  1. Wow, sounds like some major changes to your front yard. Can't wait to see the new doors and walk way.

  2. Yes, I feel like that always happens! haha We are currently working on various projects. I'm hoping to have a few crossed off my to-do list soon!

    It sounds like y'all have your work cut out for you, or shall I say your dad does! It's going to look awesome when it's all finished. Oh-- we tried planting some impatients in our front yard last month and they died within days! We even watered them a lot and everything. It was such a bummer, so I completely understand why you want to plant your bushes/flowers in the spring. We should have waited too!

  3. you have got so much going on, and i'm sure it will all turn out nicely.

  4. I'm sure things are coming along well for y'all in the house dept.. I know how time consuming (and costly) it can all be, though. I'd love to hear/see some updates when you are able to share! I've been hoping to get some posts up too!

    Thinking of you and I hope you had a nice Christmas! xo Btw-- I'm sure I've asked this before, but are you on Instagram?