Monday, October 10, 2011

Curb Appeal: The Box

We're in the middle of a front house makeover. The first step was choosing a paint color for the shutters  and now we're looking at mail box options. I've looked at a bunch of different online sites for mailboxes and our two favorites happen to be from the same site, Pottery Barn.
I love the character of the envelope mailbox. I haven't seen anything like it. It scores extra points because it will fit our new color scheme well, black and white. The aluminum will be a nice touch without looking out of place. We have silver details on our door.
The second option is the Post mailbox. I love fonts, so having a pretty font on the front makes this simple mailbox a little more fun. It only comes in bronze, which I'm not completely sold on with our color scheme, but I love everyhting else abut it.

We aren't sure which one to get, so we're thinking it over for a bit. Either one will be a huge improvement from our current mailbox.

Which would you pick? Do you know of any websites that sell simple or unique mailboxes?


  1. I love the envelope mailbox! I think I'm drawn to that one because I haven't seen anything similar to that before.

  2. I love the first one - very unique! And, I'm totally jealous that you have a mailbox right at your door! We have a community mailbox and I hate having to go so far to get my mail!

  3. Love the first one. It's super cute!

  4. Oh wow, your current pink mailbox is something else! I love the first option, but the second is really cute too. You could always spray paint it another color to match your color scheme.

  5. It looks like everyone likes the enevelope :) That's the one I'm leaning towards

    @ Morgan, good idea, I think it would fit much better if it were black.

  6. i really like the first one because it looks like a letter. hope you post your choice :)

  7. When we first moved into our home we immediately needed a new one so we bought a cheap one from Lowes,

    We would like to upgrade at some point though.

    BTW love your pink mailbox! lol It reminds me of a vintage valentine box or something! Too cute.

    1. Thanks! Jim did not like it at all so we got rid of all of the pink in the house- except for the bathroom.

  8. Where did you find the "post" mailbox? We love it!