Sunday, April 15, 2012

Progress: Master Bedroom

All of the pieces are starting to come together!

The walls were painted over the summer. The navy paint transformed the room. I love the contrast between the navy walls and the white trim and bedding. I decided to use lots of white accessories because they really stand out against the walls.
This is the only room we've hung artwork so far. It gives the room a much more lived in feel than the others.
I really want to add a chair in our room, for now we have a temporary solution. I found two bistro chairs at a local shop and have them standing in until we find one that works better, or until the summer when these move outside where they belong. I love the Crate & Barrel chair on our inspiration board, but it's out of our budget.
I'm hoping to find a more budget friendly chair to re-do with a similar vibe.
I liked the sea life creature figures on the inspiration board, but Jim didn't want to get too literal with the nautical theme (a little late?), so he shot those down. I did however sneak in another element that was too perfect to pass up. On a shopping trip to a local craft market,  I came across the starfish frames below. I promise to refrain from any more nautical purchases after these....
All that's really left is drapes, possibly a small rug, artwork over the bed, and maybe adding a few throw pillows to add some more graphic elements and make the nautical look less literal. I'd really like to add this one:

Jim likes the idea of adding some pops of yellow. I'm on the fence. I love yellow, but I really like the vibe now.
What do you think- add pops of yellow or keep the navy and white scheme?


  1. I love the contrast of the white with the dark walls - SO pretty!

  2. I really like the navy and white scheme, the bedding looks so crisp with those walls!

  3. It's looking great girl! Love the colors! We have the same duvet from PB but in the sandlewood color stripes! I have been pinning everything navy + white on Pinterest lately! :) Love the chairs! I have a sugggestion since you said you were still looking... I recommend a wood captains chair, painted white with a navy chair cushion or just a navy throw blanket on it! We have a white captains chair and I just love it! I think it'd look awesome in that room and you can find one on Craigslist or at a local flea market easily (and cheap!).

  4. Here's the chair I mentioned above (just an example) but painted white!

  5. I like the idea of keeping it in the clean navy and white color scheme. Bedrooms are nice when they're calming and relaxing, and adding yellow might make things less calm feeling, with the pops of color.

    Also, I love your starfish frames. So cute!

  6. Thanks for the suggesstion Nicole! :)I need to start checking out more thrift shops and craigslist.

  7. I love the bedroom! It just feels so beach-y and summer-y. I do think the pops of yellow could work and actually look really nice. But I think using the yellow would lose a little of the beach vibe.

  8. Oh man I'm so jealous over these navy-colored walls! I wanted that in our bedroom too! I love the white contrast as well and those starfish frames are perrrrrfect!