Sunday, April 8, 2012

Let's Do Brunch

Today we celebrated Easter by hosting brunch at our house. It was the first time we decorated for the holidays with our diy chalkboard gallery wall. We have a lot of traditions between our families, so it's been fun to claim one of our own. We decided last year that we would host Easter brunch. It was our second year and it was a success. I forgot to take photos, except for the gallery wall, but I had taken lots of photos last year at our first Easter brunch.
We got bunny plates from Pottery Barn last year. When we registered for dinnerware for our wedding, I specifically chose a basic everyday white china, so we could include fun elements at the holidays. I found this Pottery Barn bunny set right when our completion bonus was about to run out and splurged. I was excited about it because it was the first thing we bought that felt like it will stay with our family for a long time.

I love starting new traditions, but I also love continuing with the old ones, too. Jim's family gets seasonal shaped butter for holiday family gatherings, so last year I saw lamb shaped butter when shopping for our first Easter brunch, I couldn't pass it up! I was hoping to keep this tradition going, but I forgot it this year. Next year we'll be bringing this back.
The second brunch was just as successful as the first. I'm looking forward to lots of memories on Easter morning in our home. My favorite part has been the Easter egg hunts with my niece.

Do you host any family holidays? Do you prefer to be a guest, or the host? What are your favorite holiday traditions?


  1. That looks like so much fun - I've never seen shaped butter before...that's adorable!

  2. The chalkboards look so adorable! I love holiday traditions, too, but as of now we're strictly guests. Once we get our own house, I'm sure that will change!

  3. Oh how adorable is the butter! lol I LOVE the bunny plates and bowls! I was going to buy one of those bowls--hopefully I can find one on clearance now. I think they're great for candy or food! We also registered for all white dinnerware and I love buying other pieces and mix and matching. Your tablescape turned out beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous! I love the shaped butter!

  5. your Easter table looks amazing. great styling, love the colors, and the butter... so cool :)

  6. Love the chalkboard wall and your table setting!