Tuesday, October 25, 2011

RIP Pink Shutters

Back in Spring of 2010 we decided to purchase the house with the pink shutters. Jim said it wouldn't be pink for long and that the shutters would be the first thing we changed. Fast forward about 20 months and about 20 projects later and we finally completed project #1 on Jim's list.

They had a good run. They made our house look especially festive for Easter and easy to locate when friends come over, but it was definitely time for them to go, along with our pink mailbox. I think we'll now be known as the house with the cool mailbox (according to me), instead of the house with the TV or pink shutters.

This past weekend our little nest went from this:
to this:

It took a little longer than expected. When we first looked into the project, we realized our shutters are not standard size. We decided to paint the current ones, instead of purchasing new. This was all well and good for the shutters on the back of the house, but mid-way through the project, Jim realized repainting the front ones was not going to happen. They broke easily as he took them down. So, we ended up doing a special order for the shutters on  the front of the house.

I really didn't do much with this project, it was all Jim. He did all the research, purchasing and work. I helped hold up a few shutters as he drilled the holes in. He did teach me something about paint though. I thought we could just spray paint the current ones, but thanks to the helpful person at our local home store, he learned you can't necessarily just spray the old shutters, it depends on the type of paint used previously.

We still have a few more curb appeal projects to do......
1. New house number
2. New color for the entry door
3. New screen/glass door combination with coordinating hardware
4. New doorbell plate & fix the doorbell so it works
5. New awning/get rid of it
6. Remove large bushes and replace with something on a smaller scale

It sounds like a lot written out, but we're taking it one project at a time. We're just hoping it doesn't take another 20 months to complete our curb appeal makeover. We did however make a decision on the mailbox and it's already gotten us a few compliments. Thanks to everyone who gave their opinion, it definitely helped in making up our minds. The envelope mailbox was the clear winner!

Did you have any projects that were at the top of your list that dragged out way too long?


  1. looks good so far :) and the mailbox is awesome.

  2. The darker shutters look so nice and I'm glad you went with the envelope mailbox!

  3. This is definitely a better color. The contrast between the color of the house and custom blinds is very obvious. It added more appeal to the house, which is really good.