Monday, January 16, 2012

Progress: The Guest Room

We're finally making progress in the guest bedroom. Until this weekend, it has been the holding spot for miscellaneous furniture and boxes. Since we gave away the way too big for this room queen bedroom set, we haven't had anywhere for guests. We really didn't think a guest bedroom was that necessary until we no longer had the bed and realized how much we actually use it.

Way back in November, we ordered the West Elm window daybed. It was on back order so we just got it this month. It was the push we needed to get working on this room. We ended up finding a rug this month and we finally painted the room.

We had been going back and forth between doing striped walls or one color. I was really pulling for the striped walls, but the more I thought about it, it seemed like it may make the room feel smaller. If we had a large room to work with, I would have gone with the stripes. I love how bold they are, but I don't know if it would work in this room. I'm thinking of other ways to work stripes into the design.

Once we made the decision on the stripes, we could finally pick out a paint color. I originally chose Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter, but after spending time narrowing down our choices at the Benjamin Moore Store, we both thought Harbor Gray would be a better choice.

I know you're supposed to get paint samples and test the colors to see how they look before making a decision, but we tend to just pick our favorite and go with it. This is the fourth room we've painted without testing first and we've been 4 for 4.

I like the idea of going somewhat monochromatic. I think it will make the room feel brighter and more open. The Harbor gray seems to have done the trick. Here's a sneak peak:
I'm excited to add the rug and finish decorating the room. I think the white furniture will look amazing.

The room has already come a long way:

Have you found any design ideas you love that just don't seem to work in your space?


  1. I love gray walls (we just did two rooms, the kitchen is darker and the master bedroom is lighter)'s such a great neutral. And I agree, I think it'll make the daybed pop!

    Which reminds me, I've noticed through your pins that we have VERY similar style! I've got to get my post up about our nautical-themed guest'd be so proud :)

  2. I love the color and I'm obsessed with that bed! It's going to look fantastic!

  3. @ Julia, I've noticed the same through pinterest. I can't wait to see the post! I kind of have a nautical obsession. I hope you post your kitchen, too! We won't be doing our kitchen reno for awhile, but I really want a gray one. :)

    Thanks Amanda! :)

  4. I love the color and I am obsessed with that bed! AND I just realized I said pretty much the same thing Amanda did.

  5. looks great already, so calm and clean. the bed is just amazing.

  6. Love the paint color!! Can't wait to see the finished room with that rug and day bed.

  7. I'm so impressed with your choices! That day bed is great and I love, love, love the grey on grey idea. It's going to look FANTASTIC! Can you come decorate my place, please? :) Thank you!

  8. LOVE that bed! I really want stripes for HUT's big boy room, but his next room is super tiny - so I'm thinking about doing vertical stripes vs. horizontal to make the room seem taller then it actually is.

  9. aww thanks Sarah! You have amazing stlye, I can;t wait to see how you style your place. Your inspiration photos are so pretty!

    @ Stephanie verticazl stripes are such a good idea! I really love stripes, especially for kids. I'm excited to see how you do HUTs room!

  10. Your guest room is coming along beautifully! The daybed is such a gorgeous piece... I love how it looks with your flooring + the Harbor Gray. Maybe you can work stripes into the space with a few accessories? {It totally made me smile to see you mention Revere Pewter. That's the color we painted the outside of our house!}

  11. Thanks Marissa! I love Revere Pewter, I bet it looks awesome as an exterior color. If our house wasn't already vinyl siding, I'd really like to do a gray outside. Our neighbors did it and it looks so nice.