Saturday, August 10, 2013

Update: Nana's Playroom


 We've been pretty quiet on the blog lately, but I have a fun update to share! Most of this blog has shared our adventures in turning our first house into a home, but I recently shared that I was working on a playroom design in my mother's home. I'm pretty excited about it, so I thought I'd share that here, too. I shared the inspiration awhile back, but we've started to make actual progress. I didn't take a before picture, but the room was all dark wood. I kind of love that rustic look, but to make it more inviting for my niece and future grandkids, we decided to brighten it up by going with a bright white paint and a lime colored accent wall.

We finished the first layer recently, so I thought I'd share a sneak peak. I think it's looking pretty awesome. It was tax free weekend here in Massachusetts, so we bought a bunch of fun accessories to add, which we'll be adding in in a couple of weeks! So, that's my excitement for the weekend. How is yours going?



  1. It looks very bright and inviting in that area!

  2. Can't wait to see it all finished! Looking good so far :)

    Are you on IG yet? Find me if you are, Nbeverly