Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Green Thumb and Black Shutters

Our front yard projects have been put on hold while we try and find someone to put in our walkway.  walkway. We can't move forward with any of our curb appeal projects until we have the walkway in, so we decided while we wait, our back yard needs a little love. The shed is the focal point in the backyard and we realized it would be pretty cheap to spruce it up.

I've seen so many fun flower options on pinterest and thought a flower box would be the perfect addition to the shed. This is the first "gardening" project I've attempted at our house, which is kind of crazy since I grew up with a dad with a green thumb and a mom who loves flowers.

My parents are so helpful when it comes to home projects. They are always giving us tips and lending a hand. We're all in the midst of working on our yards, so we took a trip to a local landscape place and picked up a bunch of flowers for all of our projects. It was a good research trip for when the walkway is complete and we do the landscape in the front yard, but to hold me over, I picked up supplies for the flower box.

I chose two kinds of flowers. I liked the idea of having lots of green against the black and white of the shed, so I choose the tiny leaft flowers and then added taller white flowers to give some height. This is how it looked right after.....

It's been a couple of weekends and the tall flowers haven't withheld the recent winds. I'm thinking I'lljust remove them and add more of the little leafier flowers. I think it will look better and be less  maintenance.

We also added shutters to the shed. I think the shed originally had some of the pink shutters when we moved in, but they've been off for awhile. I love the black shutters on the house, so we decided to put some on the shed, too. We replaced all of the shutters on the house last year. So many of the originals broke when we pulled them off, but a couple did survive. A quick paint job made them as good as new.

It was a quick weekend update, but I really like the result. Here's the before...

Have you tackled any easy projects recently?


  1. It looks great with the shutters and flowers! Love it! Doesn't it feel so good to make small improvements that make such a big impact? :)

    What else do y'all have going on? Any other projects you're working on, vacations coming up?

  2. I wish I had a yard :-( Love the black shutters!