Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bar Cart Reno

We've been looking for ways to add more color to our open living/dining area. We've been adding lots of green in small ways, but we wanted to add something a little more bold. We came across an old bar cart and decided its just what we need to make the room a little more lively.

We found it for a pretty awesome price. I think it was around $15/$20 at an antique mall. We found almost the same cart and a few other re-finished ones at another antique shop for around $75. We had thought about buying one until we saw the price tags, so this seemed like a great deal.

Jim took the bar cart apart and cleaned it completely. We decided to keep the structure the same and only paint the shelves. Once it was apart, it was easy to spray the shelves and not worry about getting paint on the silver area. After two or three coats of the green paint, he sprayed it with a clear protective coat. Jim put it back together and added new wheels and it looks good as new!

It's just what we needed to add a pop of color in the dining area. It's also fun to use it to style a bit and make the room look a little more interesting and put together. It creates a really fun vignette. We're planning to add an art piece over it to finish off this little nook.

Any advice on where to find good art work for a dining area? I love shopping on Etsy, so if you know of any great shops, please send them our way!

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  1. The green looks great and is that a globe ice bucket? Love it!