Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting Thrifty

As soon as I finished renovating our dresser, I knew I wanted to try out some more renovation projects. So when we were on our way to the movies this past weekend, we came across a thrift store and I asked J to stop. I thought he was only humoring me, which I'm sure he was at first, but I think J and I found a new hobby.

As I perused the vintage frames and furniture, he kept pulling me over to show me some cool antique gadgets he'd found. Usually he's not much of a shopper, but when you have random oddities, it definitely keeps him interested. We had totally different ideas of what was purchase worthy, but it was fun none the less.
I was especially excited about this trip because J is really hard to shop for and now I know where to go for future fun purchases. Although, I'm still not exactly sure what his taste is. He was fascinated with an old fire extinguisher, record player, fan and brewery glasses. I'm not sure I would ever think to pick those out, but at least I know where to go and I have a new shopping least for thrift stores.

We only left with one item, an old mirror with a beautiful ornate frame.

We're planning to transform it a bit this week. They had so many pretty frames and I was hoping to get a few for a collage wall. Since it was our first time looking through a thrift store we decided to only get one. We're hoping to check out a few others to see how the prices compare. The one we went to was in a nice area and some of the prices seemed a bit high. We're going to check out a few other places this month to make sure we're getting a good deal.

I found this website that lists thrift stores nationwide, you just enter your zip code and it will list all of the thrift shops in your area. There are a bunch near us that we're looking forward to checking out.

Do you and your spouse share any hobbies?

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  1. Thanks for the link, I've been meaning to find some stores in my area! My husband isn't a big shopper unless it's for electronics. His favorite hobby is gaming, so I normally join in when it's guitar hero or Mario brothers. Hopefully when we buy a house we'll share the hobby of home improvements (he's excited about using tools!).