Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bedroom: Inspiration to Reality

Sometimes inspiration is found in the least expected places. Long before J and I even had a place to call our own, I knew exactly what I wanted our future bedroom to look like. It all started with a trip to Newport.
We were in search of hotel rooms for our out of town guests for our upcoming wedding. I didn't really have bedroom decor on my mind, but when we walked into a guest room at the first hotel, I had found everything I never knew I wanted in a room.

When I look at the photo, I'm not exactly sure what about it drew me in so much, maybe it was the ocean views (which we obviously won't have at home), or maybe it was the nautical vibe (which gets me every time), or maybe it was the sentimental side of me that loves Newport. Whatever it was, I decided I wanted this room, or at least my own version of it.

The months leading up to our wedding were filled with lots of plans and somehwere in the midst of it all, I became determined to find a white bed spread with navy piping.  After some searching, I found a similar bed set at Bloomingdales and deemed it as fate. That very day I decided to register at Bloomingdales, if only for the fact that we could get our dream bed set. Luckily my bridesmaids indulged us and bought it as our shower gift. And thus began the inspiration for our semi nautical semi sentimental dream bedroom.
It has a way to go and I'll post pictures soon, but this is what we started with:
Have any of your decor choices been inspired by something or some place unexpected?


  1. I love the nautical look! There's something about it that's so serene and relaxing!

  2. The white bedspread is so crisp and clean!

  3. Thanks! :) We're definitely having a lot of fun fidning the pieces for this room.

  4. Ohh I love it all! So nautical and relaxing!