Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Progress: Office/Craft Room

The office/craft room is still taking shape, but since it's my place to create things I'm sure it will constantly be in progress. For a long time this was the only room painted in our house. It quickly became my favorite room to spend time in. When it came to choose a paint color, I wasn't sure where to start. We are doing mostly neutrals in the rest of the house, so I wanted a fun splash of color here. I thought of yellow, light gray, tiffany blue or colonial blue. When we went to the store, J handed me the paint chip for the current color (which I don't remember the name) and I really liked it, so we just went with it.
When designing this room, the main element we need is function. It's a small room and I have a lot of supplies. Storage is key. I picked up some stackable cubes from Michaels. They are perfect because you can choose from a bunch of different cube designs. I made sure to get one with the little nooks, to separate all of my crafting tools and ribbons. I also like the open shelving for scrapbook papers. They are easy to add on to, so if we needs more, I can continue stacking on top of the ones I already have.
Aside from function, I do want some design elements to the room. Since it's my creative space in the house, it's nice to have some inspiring pieces. I just finished the dresser and I'm really proud of it. It was my first renovation project.  It goes perfect in the craft room because I think it will inspire me to try more projects and it also serves function with the extra storage.
The biggest conversation piece is a painting by my brother. He had a lot of his paintings laying around the house and J took this one when my mom sold the house. He was an art major in college. No one really knows what's going on in this one, even my brother. He inspires me, so it's nice having a little piece of him with me.

We have that wall which houses all of my craft supplies, but this room also serves as an office. Along another wall is our desk. This was our big splurge in the room. I think it was $299 at Ikea. It was the first piece in the room. I wanted something white that would stand out against the walls. I had originally thought about purchasing a wooden desk and refinishing it, but I couldn't find anything that would fit the monitor. This desk works great because the top is pretty big, so it holds the computer, but I can also use it as work space. There is also pretty good storage space, too.

This room also hosts random things that we don't know where to put, like the wine fridge we got from relatives who were moving and the extra dining room chairs that only fit when the leaf is in the table. We also have a closet in here that isn't very functional. We're planning to add some shelving in the future.

Even though we've gotten around to painting some other rooms, it's still probably my favorite space. I love having a place to be creative. J and I decided we'd each have our own creative spaces. I have reign on the craft room and he has reign on the garage, which works out great because we both have our own places for our hobbies. He even has a few diy projects in the works for his space.

This room has come a long way from the white walls and carpet.
What's your favorite room in your home?


  1. Your dresser looks so good against the blue wall! I really need something like those stackable cubes, I picked up so many crafting things during the wedding and they need a good home. I think I'll be heading to Michael's to check them out.

  2. Love it! I'm so jealous ::dreams of having her own craft room::

  3. I love the blue walls! That is a gorgeous color

  4. @ Lauren, make sure to go to their website first and get a printable coupon. I was able to get all of mine at a good price because I either waited for sales or bought them with 40% off coupons. They were such a good deal!

  5. It looks so much better now!! I love the white furniture against the blue walls.