Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Adventures

It's been quiet around here for awhile. We last left off mentioning an upcoming bathroom reno. Well, our house had different plans as our kitchen started falling apart. Right as we were looking into quotes for the bathroom, it seemed like something would break or go wrong in the kitchen almost on a weekly basis, so the bathroom project was put on hold as the kitchen moved up the priority list. We're in the saving phase of that project. That's party why it's been pretty quiet around here. ... no projects to share. 

Our family also had some other exciting news. My sister and her bf bought a beach home at the beginning of the summer, so we were fortunate to get lots of invites and spent many fun days with them by the water. We've had a blast relaxing this summer spending time with lots of friends and family, but we're excited to start working again on some projects around here and some fun projects for the beach house!

Here's a glimpse of what we've been up to....

 We celebrated my mother's graduation... a life long dream of hers. We are so proud!
We even were able to pull off a surprise party with friends and family. 

 I took a girls trip to Disney with my mother, sister and niece. We had a blast!
 We spent lots of time at the beach house with friends and family.
 We took our first trip to Martha's Vineyard. We had never been and our friends gave us a full tour of the island. We just went for the day and had a blast checking out all the different areas, including the location where jaws was filmed. 
We also got to invite my in-laws to the Beach House and spent a week with them showing them the area and they taught me how to golf! 
 We celebrated my birthday over the summer with family. 
 As part of my birthday gift, my sister took me and my mother to see Finding Neverland with Jeremy Jordan (also from Newsies and Smash). It was amazing and a highlight of the summer. It just got picked up for Broadway in the Spring! 
We also attended a few weddings. We're so happy for all of our friends! We had so much fun celebrating with them. 

It's been an amazing summer. Probably the best one yet. What have you all been up to? 

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