Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Rustic, Plaid Filled Porch

I started sharing updates on the playroom I'm working on at my mother's house, which I'm really excited about. My niece was here this week and absolutely loves it so far. I was also surprised to see my favorite little four year old loves the other room I'm working on at my mom's. I'm also designing the porch , which is a nod to her favorite place, the White Mountains. She's always wanted to live in northern New England, but doesn't want to move away from the fam, so we decided to bring the white mountains to her!
One of the big selling points of her new home was the porch. The space is filled with dark wood and natural light, over looking her beautiful yard. We wanted to play up the dark rustic looking space by brining in lots of rustic textures, plaids, natural elements and pops of her favorite color, red.
We're just getting started with it, but I already have a feeling it will be my favorite space in the house, which is tough to say since I'm really loving how the playroom is turning out.