Monday, January 28, 2013

Black Bookshelves

Last weekend we started our first project of 2013. It was a smallupdate, but something we've been wanting to do for awehile. We painted our built in bookshelves black. I love the contrast.
It helps tie the dining area and living room together. I like how the chalkboard wall gallery looks near the bookshelves.

We really want to paint the living room, but haven't found the time, so this is holding us over for now. Have you done any little projects with big impact lately?


  1. i really like how the items on the book shelf pop from the black. it looks good.

  2. I love the bookshelves! I've seen the backs painted, but not the entire interior- I like it. I may borrow this project idea for some bookcases/shelves in my home :)

    1. I didn't think it would make a huge difference, but it really does. Jim came up with the idea and it really looks great. I hope you post it if you do it. I'd love to see it done in another color.

  3. It looks great and definitely makes a nice impact! The contrast looks nice for sure! :)

    I just made a roman shade for our kitchen window and I really notice the difference--especially when I walk into our house from our front door. Love it! I'll be posting about it soon.