Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Cape Inspired Room

About a year ago we shared our guest room makeover. We added some paint, added some furniture and left it at that. We didn't really want to spend any money on artwork or any details because we don't really use it. I think since we did it over, we've had maybe three guests. We planned to keep it as is. Then we were out shopping recently at a vintage market in Boston (SOWA) and found a print we both fell in love with.
It's kind of funny that we fell in love with it because Jim isn't a huge fan of Cape Cod. I have a lot of great memories there with friends, but if we were going to choose a map to include in our  house, this would't really be a location I'd go looking for. We'd probably go with Newport, Jersey, or Boston. Regardless, we loved the map and thought even if we didn't plan to use it, it would be a really nice gift for someone else (we had a couple specific people in mind). Then we put it in our guestroom to store (which also happens to be our gift room....a.k.a. I put gifts for future use in our dresser in there) and it just works.
We really didn't want to have any more nautical or coastal touches in our home, especially since our bedroom is coastal themed, but it looks like the coastal theme is taking over yet again.
It probably didn't help that right after buying the print, I found this fabric on clearance at Calico Corners. I'm going to stop by tonight to check it out in person, if it is the bluish gray it appears, it may complement the map and wall color well.
I took it as a sign that it was meant to be, and here we are in phase two of the guestroom makeover about a year later. I'm thinking pillows or curtains with this fabric. What do you think?

Here's what the space currently looks like:
Here's our other coastal inspiration:
Bedroom inspiration board

patio inspiration board

At least we're shifting away from navy. That's progress, right?

Do you have any themes or styles you are drawn to? 


  1. I love all of that inspiration! And that fabric is amaaazing!

  2. I think that map is perfect for the guest room and that fabric is too cute! I find that I'm drawn to nautical, coastal inspired things, too! A lot of light blues, tan, light gray and white!

    We're working on our deck/backyard area right now. Going with nautical colors mostly navy and white with pops of red!

  3. That is such a cute map for art in your guest room! And I can't wait to see what you do with that adorable fabric, if it looks as pretty in person!

  4. i really like what's in the room already and can't wait to see the rest of the cape details you add!

  5. I love the map and the fabric- its so cute! Your room it looking great already. Following you back!!

  6. I love a light filled room with a little bit of indie touches!

  7. I love your ideas for the room. Your rug is gorgeous.