Saturday, December 17, 2011

Making a list and checking it twice

We had lofty goals for 2011. Way back in the Spring, I put together a to-do list of home projects. I kind of forgot about it until I started putting together a list for 2012 (I like lists). I went back and started checking off what we accomplished and it definitely wasn't nearly as much as we wanted, but our house has come along way in the past year. I think next year will be even better, since we have some things set in motion for some big upcoming projects.

Here is what we planned to do. The items crossed off are the items we actually accomplished in 2011.

Install new Shower
New Tiles or Beadboard on walls

New flooring
New curtains and shower curtain
New vanity/sink and new mirror

New hardware, including towel racks, hand towel rack and toilet paper holder
Add more storage

Paint Walls Navy

Hang Artwork
Purchase white comforter

Work on storage in closet, maybe add a shoe rack?

Arrange storage spaces

Dining Room:

New Artwork over breakfast buffet

Hang Diplomas

Move wine fridge out
Paint dresser white and move in

Paint closet interior

Living Room:
Find Artwork for over fireplace
Find storage for kindling/paper for fire
Find wall decor to hold keys in entryway
Purchase rug for entry way
Hang Curtain Rod
Purchase drapery

New Door for entry way closet
Find decorative items for mantle

Add storage for Kayak
Better Laundry Set Up
Storage for year round
New Flooring/ paint?

New Windows

Pull up rocks off patio

New Deck
Paint Shutters Black
New Mailbox - black or silver/charcoal

New house number
Fix Siding
Plant Flowers
Remove Bushes - after choosing new ones

Remove treesRemove tree stumps
Remove Fence
New lounge furniture
Add outdoor lighting
Purchase all year door rugs
Create Fire Pit Area
Purchase, put together/paint adirondack chairs for pit area

Guest Room
Sell Bed Set
Purchase twin/day bed

Refinish night stands

We had a few unexpected things come up, which aren't on the list. OverallI wish we got more done, but there are only so many hours in a day and so many dollars in our budget.

Here's hoping for a more productive 2012. Did you accomplish as much as you wanted in 2011?

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