Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Home Tour (in the beginning)

Before I get further into all of the home projects we have going on (and already completed), I thought I'd share what we started with when we first purchased our home. When you walk into the entry way there is a coat closet and there was some ceramic tile flooring.
The entryway is actually part of our living room, which was wall to wall indoor/outdoor carpet.Actually pretty much the whole house was when we moved in. 
Our house has an open floor plan, so the living room goes right into a dining area, which I forgot to take a photo of, but it looked pretty similar to every other room you see here- white walls, blue carpet. To the right of the dining area is the door to the garage. This is probably J's favorite place in the house. It was his #1 must have when we were looking.
To the left of the dining area is the kitchen. It was renovated recently before we bought it. Apparently it was pink when they first put it on the market. I appreciate the upgrade. 
Right past the kitchen is the bathroom. We only have one, which was a definite no for me, until we found this place in our dream neighborhood.
It's pink. The previous owner really liked pink. Before they put it on the market, the realtor told us everything was pink.
Down the hall are the three bedrooms, they are really hard to differentiate in these pictures, since there is nothing in them and they all have that lovely carpet.
Bedroom 1:
Bedroom 2:
Bedroom 3/Master Bedroom:
The two smaller bedrooms had these storage units in place.
It's funny to go back and go through these photos. When people ask us how things are going with the house, I tell them we are slowly getting there. I feel like we haven't gotten a lot done yet, but when I look at these photos compared to the house now, I hardly recognize this place.

The two things that have made the biggest difference have been the change in flooring and painting the walls. Everything looks drastically different, just with those two changes.
What changes have you made to your home that made a big impact?


  1. The flooring makes a HUGE difference! That indoor/outdoor carpet feels so office-y!

  2. It really does! The house also seems so much bright now.

  3. Hi there! Found your blog via your comment on mine. :) As you know, my home is a bit of a fixer-upper as well (and also has pink going on in two of the bathrooms!) The difference between your old + new flooring is massive -- nice work! Can't wait to see all of your progress.

  4. I love seeing before and afters, and seeing these pictures makes your house look so different/awesome with the new flooring.