Sunday, July 10, 2011

Got Wood?

When J and I were looking at houses, we both had our own lists of wants. In the end we had to compromise a bit on things, but there was one thing I really didn't want to compromise on- hardwood floors.
This may seem like no big deal, plenty of people live with carpets, but it wasn't something I could live with. We have a dog and a cat, they are messy. A carpet with Sky pups wouldn't last a month. J was fine with this until we fell in love with a house, which was fully carpeted, indoor/outdoor carpet to be exact (with the exception of the bathroom and kitchen).
When we were purchasing the house, I said I'd do it under one condition- we install hardwood floors. J was resistant at first. He was hoping to put carpet in some of the bedrooms to save money, but this wasn't something I wanted to budge on, especially since I gave up a few of my other wants for this house.
After just over a year in the house, I think we both agree this was the best house splurge yet.
Look at that shiny new floor! While Sky pup still loves coming in after the rain and shaking off his fur, wiping rainy dog off hardwood is much easier and more pleasant than cleaning wet dog out of a carpet.
While we had the floors installed we also decided the blue tiles and gold fireplace set had to go.
I think the slate was another good call.

What's been your best home splurge?

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