Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ForDummies to the Rescue

We quickly became close with our plumber the first year in our house. He helped us with our first big project and quite a few other little and big issues

He was the one person who worked on our home that we would recommend to anyone without hesitation. How often do you find someone who tells you ways to save on their services? He was completely rare and we're pretty disappointed because the last time we had an issue he was completely MIA. I think he left the company. They won't tell us what the deal is and pretty much  ignore our calls. So, the  last time we had an issue we went with someone else. He was not like our previous find and we got a ridiculously overpriced bill for a small and quick repair.

Recently we had yet another plumbing issue and Jim decided to take things into his own hands. We had a leak at the base of the toilet. We have absolutely no experience with things like this, but Jim figured he'd google it and he ended up finding a helpful youtube video from ForDummies.

This video saved us money and my sanity. The typical plumber calls have all cost us over $100, this cost us about  $12.00. While I'll miss our  plummer (and we still have to find a good one for big issues), I think we've found a new go-to in youtube. Yay Jim!

Have you used youtube for any diy project tutorials? Which ones have you found the most useful?


  1. We LOVE looking up videos for DIY projects. They can be a lifesaver sometimes!

  2. Online videos can be so useful! I'd always rather try to fix something myself first, rather than pay someone.

    And $12 vs $100? I'd definitely start with youtube first!

  3. This is great! I haven't used YouTube for any tutorials yet, but I may need them in the near future! I'd love to add some crown moulding to some of our rooms and take down our popcorn ceilings!