Wednesday, November 30, 2011

O' Christmas Tree

Clark: We're kicking off our fun old fashion family Christmas by heading out into the country in the old front-wheel drive sleigh to embrace the frosty majesty of the winter landscape and select that most important of Christmas symbols.
Audrey: We're not coming all the way out here just to get one of those stupid ties with Santa Clauses on it are we?
Clark: No, I have one of those at home.

Jim  and I bought our first tree together last year. It was probably my most exciting newylwed moment. After about 7 years of dating, 5 years of living together and 2 months of marriage, we finally did it. Not only did we buy it, we also cut it down, true Griswold style. Except, instead of driving to the middle of no where, forgetting an ax, and having to dig it up- we just drove to the local Christmas tree farm and used a sawzal. Maybe it wasn't true Griswold style, but it was as close as I'll ever get.

We made an event out of of it. Jim and I had really wanted to cut our own and while we were chatting with some friends, we found out they did too. So we did a little research, picked a place and planned a date.
We started off by stopping at Starbucks to get some hot chocolate- true yuppie style. I used to buy my tree in the parking lot, but after we moved to the burbs I felt the need to be a bit more fancy. Starbucks seemed more appropriate than Dunkin Donuts.
Once we bought our  hot chocolates and lattes, it was time to take care of business.

We drove for about 20 minutes (this is how you know you live in the burbs), then pulled into the tree farm's parking lot that looked packed. Luckily this was decieving and it wasn't too crowded. We were all amped up thinking we'd find the perfect tree in no time. We were sadly mistaken. Instead we roamed the farm for over two hours finding short trees, fat trees and short and fat trees.
Nothing that fit my images of "Griswold style" tree. If we wanted to go "Charlie Brown style", there were quite a few of those. I wanted big and perfect. Not too skinny, not too leafy.
Jim told me we had to go "where no man has gone before- you know, like outer space" to find the perfect tree. By outer space he meant down the hill and to the trees near the main road. I have to give him credit, he was right. After the two hour search, we finally saw some decent trees.
After we thought we found the one, we got a call from my sister and were told they found tons of amazing trees. So we dropped ours like a bad habit and headed to the other side of outer space. There they were...they were magnificiently...short. But they had to do, as they were the best on the lot. They didn't look so bad.

It was pretty appropriate that out of all the trees on the lot, my sister and I chose two trees next to each other. Typical.
I decided I wanted to cut our tree down. Jim laughed and said alright, I told him not to worry, I'd start it and make it easy for him and let him finish up.
But, since we had  a sawzall I was able to do it all by myself. Even thought it was ridiculously easy, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment.
So much so, I felt the need to carry the tree over my head in victory to the car. Until Jim let me know I looked  ridiculous. So I put it down and realized I had about a hundred pine needles in my hair.
While the guys packed up the car, my sister and I picked out our wreaths. We both debated going basic and decorating our own, until I found one that fit our red, white and snowflake theme. Once my sister realized she'd have to decorate hers on her own, she went pre-made, too.
When we got the tree home and set it up, I realized just how small it was. I should have figured this out by the fact I could lift it over my head. Oh well, Jim thought it was perfect and it grew on me.

Around the time we went to get our tree, I realized we didn't have the tree basics. I told Jim, "we really need to get a tree skirt". He told me, "Our trees gonna be a man, it won't wear a skirt." Where does he come up with this stuff?

And that is the story of our first Christmas Tree.

Have you ever cut your own tree? We're going for round two this weekend, it'll probably become a tradition around here.


  1. This reminds me of my younger years! I loved going to the tree farms on the east coast and picking out a tree, cutting it down and then riding the hay cart back up to the building for hot chocolate before getting it hitched to the top of our car.

    Have fun this weekend picking out your tree!

  2. what a great adventure! i really want to do this one Christmas :)

  3. That looks like so much fun! I've always wanted to do that, but we decided against a real tree because we're lazy. :)

  4. I would love to cut my own. We have fake trees, but maybe someday we'll get a real one. For now, our condo building doesn't allow real ones (fire hazard or something?) so it's fake all the way, haha. Looks like fun!