Monday, September 5, 2011

I guess its about time.....

First off, Hello. I guess I've been known as Mr. Starfish or Mr. Newport. I kinda prefer Jim. Its a little easier to spell, less punctuation and less letters and all. I am 100% new to Blogging, but have been doing the whole DIY thing for a while since we bought the house. I have to this point been the help behind Melissa's ideas. So I guess its time for me to post up some of my projects and or project ideas.

And don't go expecting a clean edited post from me. I start projects before I know they are coming here. I already forgot to take a before picture of my first project which is about 25% done right now. And now without further first project....

I told you it was 25% done. I have decided to take My Fridge...the one in the garage filled with beer and frozen food...and clean it up a bit. From the awful picture I took with my cell phone it doesn't seem like that bad of a fridge. It is. This is a $50.00 Craigslist fridge I bought a few years ago. I cleaned it for about an hour just get it looking decent. Then I filled it up and never looked back.

After seeing a few friends do the whole chalkboard wall thing, I decided to do my fridge. Only problem is that its full. So I have to do parts at a time. Today I just happened to have enough room in the freezer in the house to be able to do the freezer door. Sorry its not the cleanest work space, I'm working on that.

When you are undertaking a project like this make sure you have all the tools so when you do have the time to get things done you are not making several trips to the hardware store to get what you need. For this I needed some tools to get the door and handle off. Then just chalkboard paint and a roller. Before I started I used a Mr. Clean Magic Erasure and a damp paper towel. Then it was off to the races. Get it done fast enough so the stuff in the bottom part of the fridge doesn't go bad. This will be an ongoing project as its in my garage and not in the living room where it will drive me nuts.


  1. What a fun idea! Too bad we're renting so we don't own our appliances (and probably will be renting for the next decade until Hubby retires from the Navy)!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished project! I really want to use chalkboard paint in a project.

  3. That's awesome! I wonder if my husband will let me do this to his man fridge (which is also filled with beer and frozen food)?