Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Those" Neighbors

I'm pretty excited about our most recent purchase. It probably should have been number one our list back when we bought the house. That is besides the point, because as of now we'll hopefully no longer be known as "those neighbors".

You see, we have a distinguishing factor when it comes to our house. There is something you just can't miss and we are teased about it often......the T.V.
When we bought the house, we were saving for a flat screen and we were really excited about it. Then J's parents surprised us and gifted us with one for our shower. Instead of being content with their extremely generous gift, we decided to take their generous gift and upgrade with the money we were saving, hello 55"! So now we have an obnoxiously large TV straight across from our bay window.

If you are within vision of our window, you can see exactly what is on our TV. My sister  jokes that we should put sound in the driveway so she can watch things from out there. J was absolutely horrified that our neighbors could see my secret love of the real housewives (it's a train wreck, but I still watch it). After about a year of sharing my love for reality TV with our neighborhood, we started to feel like it was time. We no longer had anymore excuses. We were no longer new home owners, planning a wedding or newlyweds.

Despite knowing what needed to be done, It wasn't until J was walking Sky pup recently and ran into a neighbor that I became extremely self conscious about it. The neighbor introduced himself and J said we were relatively new to the neighborhood, explained which house was ours and the neighbor said, "oh yeah, your the house with the TV".
That week we went out and purchased curtains. I can now watch reality TV without shaming J in our neighborhood.

Are you known for anything in particular in your neighborhood?


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't believe they said that. They are just jealous of your huge,awesome TV.
    Too funny though. Curtains make a window look prettier anyway.

  2. Hah, that's funny! We have a tv the same size, but we always keep our blinds closed so it's not visible from the street! :) Curtains are always a good thing to have, haha!

  3. HAHA! And I'm love some real housewives too :)

  4. Haha, that is hilarious! Yes, sounds like curtains were a good investment!

  5. That's awesome! And I'm totally paranoid about that too, so I make sure our blinds are closed as well!